Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So there is this girl named Meg Clifford and we are pretty good friends. We have a lot in common like play tennis, our moms are pretty much twins, and we tell each other everything. (well atleast I tell her everything!) I love her with a passion and she is my BEST FRIEND FOREVER!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Pink Cruiser

This is my Cruiser bright pink Hawaii double deluxe huge seat smooth riding banana bike. Ooohhh ya. That as pretty much the hottest and coolest thing that a ten year old girl could get for her 11th birthday. I had been wanting a banana bike the very first day I saw my cousin's in the summer. I told my mom about it and how I needed it badly. But she said only when my birthday got closer we would think about it. And sure enough when my b-day got a big closer, my mom and I went to this sweet bike store ddowntown and went to look at some. It was a dream!! There were too many adorable bikes to choose from. Although I did have my eye set on an especially cute one. It was bright pink with white Hawaiian flowers on the seat. The same one you seen in the picture! I thought about it and then sure enough, my mom handed the cashier the money. That's how I got my Cruiser!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I LovE To sKi

Skiing is probably the best thing to do in the winter. I love it!! The only place I've been skiing is at Sundance. Every other Friday my school goes up to Sundance to ski. Some people do Ski Lessons, but other people, (like me) just go up and do whatever we want. Usually my friends (including Katya, Emmaline, Camilla, Cecily, Emma, Konner, Ellis, Hunter and somtimes Maloy) and I ski, but in the past we've built snow forts, had snowball fights, and yada yada yada. When I'm not skiing with friends, I'm up there with my dad and older brother. Unfortunately, whenever I go with them, I end up doing a lot of hard core stuff and sweating to keep up. My favorite thing to do up there is to either: go off jumps or make my own trail in the trees. Without skiing, my life would be pretty lame. If you ever happen to go up to Sundance, look for a girl with a bright green jacket and looks like she doesn't know what she's doing. Until then, I'll see YOU later!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As most of you know, we just barely celebrated Christmas! This year, my Christmas holiday was pretty sweet. On Christmas Eve, our family and my cousins on my dad's side went up to Midway (next to Heber) to my Grandma and Grandpa's house. First we ate these super-duper huge sandwiches, did like a little talent-show thingy, opened up one gift from my grandparents and cousin's, and played in the snow. As we drove home, we sang loud Christmas songs and talked.
Once we got home, we couldn't wait to open our p.j's. It's like a tradition that every year on Christmas Eve we get pajamas. When I opened mine, they were lime green fuzzy Chip and Dale p.j. bottoms with a lime green t-shirt that says PEACE. Then we watched the old Christmas Carol on t.v. which was boring. After that me and my brothers wanted to watch a Christmas Story (which is like my favorite movie) but our parents made us go to bed. I slept on the couch in the basement with my two little brothers, Mason and Tyler. To tell you the truth, I got to bed quite easily.

In the morning at 6:00 am, (I was so excited!) my bros and I ran upstairs. All of the gifts were in the living room, but there are sheets to cover up the doorways so you can't see inside. We ran down the long hallway into my parents' bedroom. I guess though they were up till 4:00 in the morning setting up all the things that Santa brought. So they had us wait downstairs for two WHOLE more hours. We waited anxiously at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for the clock to turn 8:00. And finally, it did. We scurried back upstairs, but this time we woke up my 16 year old brother, Zac. We all ran back into my Mom and Dad's room, and they got out of bed. We also got my sis Ellie, and we went into the living room!! And guess what me and our family got? Well first, our family got a ping pong table a whole bunch of movies, and some Wii games! And as for me, an orange iPod nano, two tickets to see Wicked (the musical) with my mom, a camera, a picture printer, scrapbooking stuff, jewrey, clothes, a Webkinz monkey, the book Candy Shop War, a pink basketball, a Paint by Numbers, the David Archuleta, Jason Mraz, and Sara Barelas CD, a LOT of Fun Dip, (MMM!!) candy, candy, and candy. We stayed in our p.j.s all day, (like we usually do) and had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Retainer

I have an orange retainer. At lunch at school, there's an area where everyone dumps their trash, then that trash is taken out to the dumpster, which is right outside the lunch-room. Also, there's a thing that 4th -6th graders do which is called lunch duty. At Lunch Duty, you either serve the food, wash the tables, or do dishes. This time, me and my friend Katya were serving. When we were almost done, I noticed that my retainer wasn't in my mouth. I was like,
"OH crap." I told Katya, and she was like, "OHHH crap!" So right after we were done serving, me, her and this guy named Paul headed out to the dumpster. We figured out that the only thing we could do was to get in the dumpster, throw out the bags of trash, and search through it. So Paul was in the dumpster, I had the stick trying to dig through it, and Katya was looking also. And the worst part is is that there was mashed potatos and green beans for lunch. Finally after about five minutes of searching, we gave up, and went to recess.

While Katya and I were playing soccer, I said to her,

"Katya? I think we should go look to the dumpster one more time." So we started to run over near the lunch room. When we were almost there, I also spoke to Katya and said: I think we should say a prayer to help look for it. She first kind of looked at me weird, but I wasn't kidding. She wiped that look off her face, embarresed. Then I said it. After we were done, we finished walking to the dumpster. Then, we started diggin'. Suddenly, I had a feeling that I should go in the lunch-room. I had no clue why I should, but I did. When I went in there, I saw Mrs Pratt. Now Mrs. Pratt is pretty much the queen of the school. She does everything. She is a janitor, a lunch lady, and almost everything else. And when she saw me she said,

"Hi sweety!" (because she calls almost everyone sweety) And asked me if I needed anything. I told her that I had lost my retainer and that me and my friend were looking for it. She then ran outside as quick as that and said she would help us look for it. So she started just digging through the garbage with her hands while I looked over her shoulder and tried to look for it also. Then, guess what?? Guess what?? I spotted it!! Mrs. Pratt pulled it out, and it was dripping in mashed potatos. I was holding it laughing and screaming and jumping up and down. Same with Katya. The Mrs. Pratt told us to go to the office and disinfect it. At the office we made a mixture of Listerine, hand sanitizer, soap, and water. We scrubbed and scrubbed until it was squeeky clean. I put it in my mouth, and I felt good.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Birthday!

This week is my birthday and I'm so excited! I still don't know what I'm exactly going to do for my party, so please give me ideas everyone!
So I've wanted a puppy for a really, really long time but I know I'm not going to get one because . . .
1. My dad says he's allergic to every pet in the world.
2. My mom doesn't want her beautiful yard to be ruined by pee stains in her grass and dog poop in her flower beds.
But I might be able to get some clothes and fun books cause I like love to read. Also I might get some pins to put on my backpack and some bobbleheads because I collect those. (fwy I have about a billion!) But yeah you might be wondering what this picture is all about. Well, this was my birthday party two years ago and it was a Fear Factor party! That white stuff all splattered on my face is whipped cream and the activity that we did with whipped cream was that my mom found some disgusting rubber sugar eyeballs. Then she covered it in whipped cream and we had to find the eyeball with our face and nose and eat it! In another activity we had to pick a mysterious bag that had something nasty in it and then eat it. Like for instance, one of my friends had to eat canned spinach and other ate saurkraut. But I picked the bag with spinach flavored baby food, and let me tell you, it was disgusting!
And that's all that I can think of that I want which is very crazy! If you have any ideas, or want to leave me a comment about what you have gotten for your b-day that you think I would like, please let me know! Good Bye!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This is is probably one of MY funnest subjects to talk about because I get to embarress my brothers. Ok first, we'll start with the littlest one, T-man. (Tyler) You'd probably be able to regonize him from a mile away because of his white, glowing hair. He's really really crazy and always gets what he wants because he is the youngest. Really picky about what he's wearing, and especially picky about what he eats. He's ALWAYS mad and yelling and scratching and biting at my nine year old brother, Mason. Mason likes soccer a lot, and is almost ALMOST better than me at it. He's unorganized, and doesn't like to take showers.
Zac is the oldest sibling in our family, who's sixteen. He thinks that he can make us "little ones" (he likes to call us) be his slaves and get him drinks of water whenever he feels like it. His favorite game to play with me is lift-me-up-by-my-pants-and-give-me-a-atomic-wedgie. So ya, that's is about 1/3 of my WONDERFUL family!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm a Blogster!!

Hi Everyone! Just for starters, my name is Annie. I like bubbles and buttons, (of course) and lots of other things like scrapbooking, koala bears, the color green, soccer, piano, the season fall, decorating, singing, playing outiside with my brothers, and other things. I really don't like the color purple and gray, mushrooms, and country music, but that's about it. I got this idea to start a blog from my awesome 6th grade teacher Mrs. Workman, and I'm really excited to be a blogster!